10 sentences that people with migraines hate


Those who have migraines know it. The flickering, the slowly starting pain, the knowledge that you will be put out of action right away, whether it suits you or not. If the people around you then have an opinion or a kindly meant advice, it sometimes gives us the rest. Because migraines are not just a bit of a headache, migraines are a neurological disease that repeatedly knocks out those affected and gives them a normal everyday life makes impossible. Whether they have children, whether they have just started a new job or whether it is their wedding day. Migraines are merciless.

And these 10 sentences do not make it easier for those affected:

1. Headaches are not the end of the world now, take a Ibu.

Right, that would be a measure. If I had a headache. But I have migraines. That means my brain vessels are dilated and inflamed. Unfortunately, this is something other than a small tension headache, which you just fight with an Ibu. Unfortunately!

2. Yes, women always have migraines when they don't feel like having sex, muahahahaha!

Suuuuuperwitzig. To you. Rather not for me, because I vomit, because I am in pain, and because I am embarrassed to tell you how bad I am when you think that kind of crap.

3. You just need a little fresh air / coffee / sport

Or I have a chronic illness that I can do little against. Movement and light make migraines worse, unfortunately excessive caffeine consumption is also counterproductive.

4. Yet again? That is not normal …

It is not. This is why migraines also belong to the “chronic illness” category. They usually have little to do with normality. We also wanted more “normal” and less migraines.

5. Try to relax. Maybe it's the stress.

Has anyone ever relaxed because they were told to? Stress may have triggered the migraine, but when it is there, it is there. And it doesn't feel particularly good when we also have to blame it on ourselves and our lack of relaxation skills.

6. You have to … see a neurologist / naturopath / sleep more / take better care of yourself …

I have to take triptan, pull the covers over my head and just survive the next few hours. Then we can talk about optimizing my life. Or maybe not.

7. Go into a warm bathtub, it feels good.

Don't. Because expanded vessels thank you for the warmth and continue to grow.

8. My sister-in-law's cousin got it under control.

This is very nice for her, but it doesn't help me if you make me feel responsible for my own pain. I have tried many things and as with most of those affected, I still suffer from the attacks.

9. You can't take medication all the time!

Experts agree that migraines can be treated with triptans up to ten times a month. And since I don't have many other options to remove the hammer from my head, I unfortunately have to do that. I don't like it either.

10. Boah, women, ey …

Without words …


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