13 Tips For Women During Barren Days

It’s raining. No one has time, no event in prospect – and now? What to do about boredom? With our tips, your day will be great!

What to do about boredom?

Boredom, in itself, is not a bad thing and can even encourage creativity. Nevertheless, we often only know boredom from rainy childhood holidays – now smartphones, social media services, streaming services, and the like keep us on our toes. If you need a break or feel a lack of pleasure at the moment, our tips are guaranteed to help against boredom.

What to do about boredom? 13 tips to help


Play with your partner or girlfriend Board! Because let’s face it: How long has it been that we sat down and played games – and not on our smartphones?! The card is just as fun, and when no one is there to play along: You can also lay and play patience on your own.

Listen to music or a podcast.

Boredom can also be a great way to relax and listen to your favorite music or an interesting podcast. Or the audiobook, which has been stored on your smartphone for so long and is waiting to be heard (of course, you can also just read a book!).

Alternatively, a deal with the streaming service Disney Plus would also be available. You can stream over 500 movies and 350 series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, as well as 25 exclusive Disney Plus originals, since March 24, 2020. Extra tip for all Elsa fans: From July 10th, the second part of “Frozen,” i.e., “The Ice Queen 2”, can be streamed in an endless loop. This is guaranteed to mean no boredom.

Shoot video

Smartphones usually have a camera – become the director of your little movie! First of all, the story is incidental: whether the city festival, football game of the village club or your children in the garden. Try different angles and functions.

Create a photo album

How many photos did each of us has stored on our smartphones? A lot likely. Choose the most beautiful pictures – from holidays, Christmas, last birthday, or walk – print them or have them printed and create a photo album or a beautiful collage. Or you can have a photo book made and put together the order yourself. The memories associated with the photos will make your boredom evaporate in no time.

Learning the language

You don’t have to run straight to the next language school and sign up for a course. On the Internet, you have many opportunities to learn a language. Vocabulary and short sentences can also be understood with an app – maybe you need that on your next trip?

Plan a short trip

Find out a new destination, whether a Short or long holiday on the dream beach, is not essential at first. Where have you always wanted to go? What did you want to see or experience in your life? Let your thoughts go on a hike, research how much budget you would need, where you could get to, etc.

Explore your place of residence

How long do you live in a city and know only a few corners of it? Join a guided tour and get to know your city from a new perspective. In many larger cities, so-called free walking tours often occur, in which everyone can participate for a small donation.


Dancing has positive effects on our health – at least if you exercise it regularly. Sometimes it’s just enough to make it fun!

Walking in nature

Go out into nature, either on foot or take a bike ride and enjoy the quiet in the park, by the lake, or in the forest!


When the weather is terrible, it’s not necessarily fun to go for a walk outside in the rain – but you can also use your boredom at home: clean up your wardrobe and sort out parts you don’t (wear anymore). For example, place these things on online marketplaces to sell them.

And how long have the papers piled on the desk? Sort your documents and mix them thoroughly. You’ll do something about your boredom and feel great afterward!

Create a Bullet Journal

With the Bullet Journal, bring order and structure to your (daily) tasks. You can live out your creative life in the design. All you need is a blank notebook, pen(s), and possibly a ruler.

Set up a bucket list

Such a bullet journal is handy to keep track of on a daily or weekly basis. A bucket list is suitable for long-term goals or life goals. You can use your boredom to think about what goals you want to set yourself in life. They can be both private and professional. The following questions serve as orientation – but are not a must:

  • What do I want to achieve (still) in life?
  • Which sport would I like to try again?
  • What skills do I want to acquire?
  • What do I want to experience?
  • Which countries do I want to travel to?
  • What else do I want to achieve professionally?

Write down your goals as concretely as possible, so it is easier for you to pursue – and achieve them.

Such a bucket list helps to show you what is essential in life. However, this does not mean that you take a look at it every day and put yourself under unnecessary pressure to work everything out immediately. The Bucket List doesn’t have to contain everything you want to do until the end of your life. The list can be customized:

  • 40 things I want you to have done by my 40th birthday
  • 33 movies I want to see
  • Bucket List for Spring/Summer 2019
  • 30 places I want to travel
  • New Years Bucket List

What to do about boredom: Start a DIY project!

Numerous DIY projects quickly let your boredom fade away. Also, for beginners, there are lovely ideas for crafting and crafting. Be inspired by our three ideas:

Relationship end: Tips from the couple therapist

Knitting: You’ve never knitted before? Then the time has come, and Arm-Knitting you don’t even need needles!

Sewing: As a beginner, it is worth starting smaller, such as sewing a skirt or sewing a gym bag (simple instructions, but always a real eye-catcher!). It gets a little more demanding if you want to sew a jersey dress.

Uncertainty: Trying is the new planning

Tinkering: Beautiful and practical decoration for your apartment you can easily make yourself: Here, you will find helpful instructions for pouring candles, building herb racks yourself, or making an origami fairy line.

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