Adaptogens: are these active ingredients the new superheroes?


Ginseng, Reishi, Taiga root … They all made the leap from alternative medicine to modern cosmetics. And that has to do with the so-called adaptogens.

The plants that are being talked about so much in the beauty world promise a lot: an even complexion, fewer wrinkles, increased circulation, glow … As responsible for them Effects apply to adaptogens – which is why they have recently played the main role in a range of creams, cleaners, masks, cleaners or even in skin-improving nutritional supplements.

Balance and balance – Adaptogens can do this

Adapto … what? “Adaptogens are active ingredients from plants, fungi or substances of animal origin with extraordinary healing effects,” explains Natalia Leutnant, biologist, medicinal plant expert and author of the book “Ginseng, Taiga Root, Rose Root. Adaptogens – Miracle Medicinal Plants for Today”. The mineral resources come mainly from Asia: “The taiga root, for example, originates in Russia, ginseng mostly comes from mountain and forest regions in northern Korea, Siberia and China. The adaptogens that are found in them are chemical compounds that form the body lead back into a balance and keep it in organic balance. “

So adaptogens can almost be imagined as a good friend. Someone who pulls you down when you're over the top, or cheers you on when you feel lethargic. To benefit the skin, you can apply the active ingredients externally, swallow – or combine both. The question remains: How exactly do adaptogenic plants actually do this? Answer: in two different ways.

In creams they play out their phytochemicals such as polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenes or beta-glucans, which can influence the complexion. If you take them in the form of dietary supplements, capsules, powder or teas, adaptogens act on our nervous system, block or activate it. “Each adaptogen works differently,” says Dr. David Hauck, graduate engineer in pharmaceutical chemistry. “One alleviates inflammation, another stimulates the cell metabolism of the whole body and the immune system of the skin.” The result: it can better protect itself against free radicals that would otherwise affect the complexion. “Adaptogens have extremely good anti-aging properties,” adds Natalia Leutnant. “They prevent or delay the occurrence of many effects of aging and have a rejuvenating effect on stressed organs such as the skin.

Tip: Take adaptogens curatively and not permanently, for about a month or until the pack is empty And creams? Involve an adaptogen product in your routine and, as with any new care, see how you can cope with it and, above all, whether you tolerate it well.

You finally want to know Which plants suit your skin type?

Find your match

You want less irritation and redness?

Because of its calming effect, Ginseng helps in cosmetic products to alleviate skin problems such as reddening, itching, neurodermatitis and sunburn damage. Especially the Tibetan ginseng roots strengthen the skin barrier. Also the daily intake of Ashwag andha (gooseberry, winter cherry), which has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years, fights the causes of inflammation. How? By increasing T cell production in healthy adults.

You want more firmness and smoothness?

Who drinks Schisandra juice, his skin becomes tender and firm like a rose petal says Chinese wisdom; you can order the juice from JANZ-SCHISANDRA. Dr. David Hauck confirms: “ Schisandra, Maca and Ginseng have a strong antioxidant effect, which means that free radicals are warded off.” And they are responsible for the breakdown of our collagen support tissue.

You want more blood circulation and glow?

If you want a glowing complexion, you need substances that revitalize. Natalia Leutnant explains: “Ointments with rose root warm the skin, protect it from frost and let it shine. As an intake, I recommend taiga root preparations – they are used to alleviate environmental stress. Also the toxic influence Certain substances such as alcohol on the skin can be reduced by the taiga root. “

You want a clearer complexion and fewer pimples?

Then tubers and fungi are worth at least a try. Rosenwurz for example, has an internally applied antiviral effect. When it comes to cosmetics, Dr. David Hauck's adaptogenic mushrooms such as the Reishi (glossy lacquer porling): “It contains beta-glucans, which are ideal for blemished skin. The immune system is raised by the application, which has the consequence that the acne propolis bacteria is pushed back and can settle more poorly. “

Adaptogens: New friends from the nature route

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