And if we reconcile with vegetable desserts?

Did you know that only 2% of French people consider vegetables to be gourmet *? The usual offer of 100% vegetable desserts seduces some French people, but also puts off many others. With Andros Gourmand & Végétal, it’s the discovery of a soy-free dessert, which will make you change your mind about the vegetable …

You think that vegetable desserts are not really greedy?

89% of French people are not ready to give up the pleasure of eating *. But the usual vegetable desserts have a taste not always up to the expectations of gourmets. Only 2% of French people regard them as greedy. What if things could change?

Andros Gourmand & Végétal: the alternative to the usual desserts and dessert creams

However, more and more French people want to include more plants in their diet: 47% of French people want to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables. 30% also want less meat and more vegetables *. To satisfy their desires, Andros has concocted Andros Gourmand & Végétal, an offer of 10 100% vegetable and soy-free desserts, prepared with almond milk and coconut milk.

Almond and coconut milk desserts: indulgence

Good news, the vegetable desserts from Andros have nothing to do with the usual vegetable desserts. The Brassés, with their incredible texture, are for example prepared with creamy coconut milk, combined with tasty fruits. They are available in Strawberry, Cassis-Raspberry, Sicilian Lemon, Roussillon Peach and Pineapple from Costa Rica versions. Delights are made of good almond milk which gives them a devilishly melting texture. They are offered with tasty Chocolate, Vanilla, Hazelnut or Caramel flavors. The icing on the cake, Andros Gourmand & Végétal dessertsare naturally lactose-free, a source of calcium, contain no preservatives and only natural flavors and colors. 93% of testers of Andros Gourmand & Végétal desserts also appreciated their taste **.

So, ready to melt with pleasure?

The opinion of Jennifer B. 28 years old

“Usually, I don’t really like vegetable-based products that replace dairy desserts. However, those from the Andros range are the best I have tasted! There is also a variety of flavors and flavors. ‘uses of these products which is attractive.’

Verbatims from

* Survey carried out by BVA, according to the quota method with a representative sample of 1,124 French people interviewed by Internet from January 9 to 10, 2018
** Survey carried out by Sampleo on 2,400 people in 2018 -% testers who gave a score higher than 2 , 5/5 by criteria.

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