Conspiracy theory: The aluminum hat is allowed on these stripes

9/11 was an “inside job,” the murder of Kennedy even more, and the Americans never landed on the moon. Conspiracy theories have a particular attraction even for people who do not scold the devilish government with aluminum hats on their heads in the in-house nuclear bunker. This is only shown by the fact that films about conspiracies have already conquered the screens for decades.

Now, in addition to toilet paper hooters and hobby bread bakers, the corona crisis has also produced all kinds of absurd “revelations” – for example, that Bill Gates (64) wants to control humanity through forced vaccinations. This conspiracy theory would be Hollywood-like – as was the case with the following films.

“J.F.K. – crime scene Dallas.”

The film about the mother of all conspiracy theories is “J.F.K. – crime scene Dallas” by Oliver Stone (73). Kevin Costner (65), as the existing District Attorney Jim Garrison (1921-1992), examines whether Lee Harvey Oswald may have acted as the sole culprit in the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Given the “magic bullet,” which impossibly hit the President, he comes up with the only plausible solution in his eyes: there must have been a second shooter.

“Fletcher’s Visions”

Der, The film “Fletcher’s Visions” by Richard Donner (90) even goes by the name of “Conspiracy Theory” (“conspiracy theory”). It turns out that a man plagued by the delusion of persecution (Mel Gibson, 64) is not as crazy as initially thought. Before he knows it, he has many agents on his heels trying to kill him and the prosecutor Alice Sutton (Julia Roberts, 52).

“Erin Brockovich – A True Story”

Speaking of Julia Roberts: As the Real heroine, Erin Brockovich (59) comes across a gigantic environmental scandal in the film by Steven Soderbergh (57), covered up under all circumstances. An energy company knowingly released toxins into the groundwater over the years, causing massive health damage to a small town’s residents. Roberts received the Oscar for “Best Actress” for her role as a relentless scout.

“File X” (film and series)

“File X” has two formats with David Duchovny (59), and Gillian Anderson (51) Illuminates pretty much every form of conspiracy theory – from the cover-up of alien landing around Area 51 to secret government plans for the world. In the two feature films, “The X-Files” and “The X-Files – Beyond Truth,” Mulder and Scully witnessed the government’s secret plan to infect people with an alien virus and gradually infiltrate humanity. [19659005] “They live.”

John Carpenter (72) also dedicated himself to extraterrestrials who live undiscovered among us. In the sci-fi horror “Sie Leben,” wrestler Roddy Piper (1954-2015) alias John Nada is horrified to discover that aliens with skull faces have taken over the earth. They look like you and me with an everyday look. Only through special glasses can the hero distinguish them from real people – and kick them alien asses properly. A film for everyone who can have a hearty amusement about the existing conspiracy theory that “reptiloids” subjugate us.

“Wag the Dog – When the tail wags the dog.”

In the satirical film with the bulky title “Wag the Dog” by Barry Levinson (78, “Rain Man”) shows the other side of a conspiracy, that is, how targeted fake news is launched. To ensure his re-election after a sex scandal surrounding the U.S. President, his campaign team led by Conrad Brean (Robert De Niro, 76) invented a fictional war in Albania to distract from the scandal.

“The Enemy of the State No. 1”

In the action-thriller “The Enemy of the State No. 1”, Will Smith (51) suddenly has to fear for his life as a family man, Robert Clayton Dean, after accidentally falling into the hands of highly explosive video material that shows the murder of a senator. He had opposed a new surveillance law and had to pay for this step with his life. To ensure that the murder did not go public, the surveillance state-appointed Robert “enemy no. 1” and hunted him mercilessly.

“The Return of the First Avenger”

Yes, he also mastered comic films, Conspiracy thriller. With “The Return of the First Avenger,” the Russo brothers provided strong evidence in this regard. In it, Captain America (Chris Evans, 38) found that the righteous organization S.H.I.E.L.D. Hydra, a former Nazi organization, secretly subverted him. And from his former friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan, 37), she also created a willless puppet called Winter Soldier.

The “Da Vinci Code” series

The three films about the symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks, 63) deal with secret societies and conspiracies of the church that are thousands of years old. The first part of the series, in particular, caused upset at the Christian church – after all, Langdon revealed how the church hushed up the fact that Jesus Christ had a daughter with Mary Magdalene.

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