Doris Dörrie: These award-winning films are from the director

Doris Dörrie (65) is a multi-talent. Today, Tuesday, May 26th, she will be 65 years old. The Dörrie, born in Hanover, can boast of several job titles. She is a film director and writes screenplays, writes books – from children’s books to novels – or passes on her knowledge as a professor. Her cinematic works are as multifaceted as her professional work. These are four of her hit films.

“Men” (1985)

The comedy “Men” (1985) makes Doris Dörrie known in Germany. She not only directs but also wrote the screenplay. The leading roles are played by Heiner Lauterbach (67), Uwe Ochsenknecht (64), and Ulrike Kriener (65). Lauterbach and Ochsenknecht were awarded the German Film Award for Best Actor in 1986, Dörrie won the trophy in the “Best Screenplay” category. The film also receives the Golden Screen, an award for commercially successful films, and the Gilde Film Award in silver.

What is it about? Julius Armbrust (Lauterbach) is in his mid-30s, ambitious, and successful in his job. He cheats on his wife Paula (Kriener) and learns on the twelfth wedding anniversary that she is also cheating on him. However, her lover is the complete opposite of Julius. Stefan (Ochsenknecht) is an artist, destitute, and without a clear goal. Julius is implanted in Stefan’s flat under a false name and wants to manipulate him to win his wife back. The plan seems to work, but will Stefan find out Julius’ true identity?

“Am I beautiful?” (1998)

In the tragicomedy “Am I beautiful?” from 1998 is an episode film that links the fates of 16 people in Munich and Seville. Experiences, marital dramas, jealousy, weddings, and much more are experienced by Senta Berger, Iris Berben, Joachim Król, Heike Makatsch, Uwe Ochsenknecht, and Franka Potente. The critics particularly praise the theater company. Nina Petri (56) is honored for her performance in 1999 with the German Film Award for the “Best Female Supporting Role.” Doris Dörrie, Ruth Stadler, and Rolf Basedow won the Bavarian Film Award in 1998.

“Cherry Blossoms – Hanami” (2008)

With “Cherry Blossoms – Hanami,” Doris Dörrie made an extraordinary film in 2008. The drama tells the story of Rudi Angermeier (Elmar Wepper), who is terminally ill. However, his trip to the Baltic Sea with his wife Trudi (Hannelore Elsner) completely throws him off track: Trudi dies entirely unexpectedly. Rudi then wants to make up for her missed life – in Japan. It will be his extraordinary last trip. Elmar Wepper (76) was awarded the Bavarian Film Prize and the German Film Prize for his performance. In 2019, the sequel “Cherry Blossoms & Demons” was released in cinemas, about the son, Karl Angermeier (Golo Euler).

“Greetings from Fukushima” (2016)

The black and white film “Greetings from Fukushima “from 2016 celebrated its premiere at the Berlinale and promptly won three prizes. The young German Marie (Rosalie Thomass) travels to Fukushima Prefecture for the organization “Clowns4Help”. She wants to give the surviving victims of the triple disaster of 2011 a little pleasure together with the clown Moshe (Moshe Cohen). It quickly turns out that Marie is not suitable for this. However, she does not run away but remains with the stubborn old Satomi (Kaori Momoi), the last Geisha Fukushima, who wants to return to her destroyed house in the exclusion zone on her own.

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