Friluftsliv – fresh wind from Scandinavia for your home


The sun is shining outside, the temperatures are almost summery and the hay fever season has just started with a bang. But even for those who prefer to entrench themselves at home instead of letting the wind polluted with pollen blow their noses, we have the living trend with spring flair ready. For everyone without allergies, of course: “Friluftsliv” is the name of the interior trend and comes from Norway. The Scandinavian philosophy of life deals in a nutshell with being outside . Camping, pure nature, fishing, campfire and cold …. brrrr? At least now. Then prefer to start indoors and let fresh air into the living room.

Friluftsliv: That is behind it

Friluftsliv in Norway is a philosophy of life . Behind this lies the active and conscious experience of nature, to relax, recharge your batteries and be alone outdoors with no distractions, with yourself or others – an active break. But that doesn't mean that you have to walk for miles and fight your way through the undergrowth. You can design your Friluftsliv as you like, only premise: It must take place outside. And that can be the little things: a cozy picnic with friends, an extensive walk through the forest or a trip to the lake. Simply experience pure nature.

Honestly, the Norwegians have to know what's good. After all, they are among the happiest nations in the world . Is that because of all the exercise in the fresh air? It would be possible. Because fresh air is healthy – Mutti has always said – and that's why there is now also a living feeling for indoors . So now it says: Away with Hygge, purely with Friluftsliv.

Interior trend Friluftsliv: How to style it

The power of nature for your four walls, that's why is actually at Friluftsliv. The deep connection with nature is said to give strength and energy. Green plants, flowers and the like then provide for a natural ambience at home. Green plants in large containers, beautiful vases on a sideboard or shelf are good for the indoor climate and soul. The only drawback: One should not forget the foundry . Nothing is worse for the mind than deceased greens!

Be a minimalist

As with all Scandinavian principles of happiness, the following also applies here: Less is more . Do not fill your home with useless things, but allow yourself space to breathe deeply .

More wood

What could be more natural than wood. Therefore, of course, a lot of it belongs in your Friluftslift apartment. Textiles such as cushions carpets and plaids made from natural materials such as cotton or wool underline the natural living character .

Don't go too colorful

Color design : Here you set the right accents with earthy and sand-colored nuances rich tones like palm green or sun yellow as well as pastel flower colors like rose or light green.

Let there be light

What light? Clearing and doing with us is amazing. Sun makes the endorphins call “hurray” in no time. In the apartment you can help with many light islands . Indirect lighting, free-standing, pendant or table lamps provide brightness and a feel-good atmosphere .


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