Hiding TVs – the 10 best ideas


Watching an exciting film with your favorite person or watching series with a few friends is part of it for many at the weekend. But the everyday sight of the television is a disturbing factor for some in the otherwise cozy living room. If you find yourself in it, we will present ten different ways of hiding your television.

Hiding television: the 10 best ideas

Germans (between 14 and 49 years) watch television on average for 160 minutes a day – and it can disappear with our tips during the pause:

1. TV in the closet

The TV in the closet is probably the classic hiding place. Doors open, TV on, film over, TV off and doors closed. So easy!

 Hide TV: living room with armchair and cupboard

2. TV set behind sliding doors

An alternative to a classic TV cabinet is a construction with sliding doors. This can be a wall unit, but also a half-open shelf in which the television is integrated.

 Hide television: living room with wall unit

3. TV lift

With a TV lift, the television disappears during the pause – a chic sideboard remains:

 Hide television: Sideboard with television

 Hide television: white sideboard

4. Image hiding

It also works the other way around: the television does not submerge, but with the help of an electrical construction an image moves directly over the screen!

5. Pull-out card

Without technical chichi, the television disappears behind a pull-out card, a stylish tapestry or a practical pull-out roller blind:

6. Hinged frame

The device is cleverly hidden behind a folding frame, whether the door or doors can be opened upwards or to the side is irrelevant, the main thing is that it looks really chic in the end, like this example: [19659018] 7. Make focus

A completely different approach: Don't hide the screen, but skilfully stage it! With a chic photo gallery, atmospheric backlighting or a chic picture frame, you can do it in no time.

 Hide TV: Living room with TV and picture frame around it

Here you can find tips for hanging pictures.

8. Screen

A screen is probably the best solution for corners that not everyone should see. Even the television is hidden from view behind such a hiding place.

Tip: Here you can find more room divider ideas.

9. TV as a painting

Not really hidden, but cleverly camouflaged! The manufacturer Samsung turns its TV model “The Frame” into a painting or an artistic photo using Art Mode:

 Hide TV - Samsung TV

Yes, the large picture in the middle is really a TV!

10. Beamer

Cinema feeling in the living room comes up with a projector – goodbye to TV! With a receiver or computer and Internet access, you can watch exciting films and series on a screen – or simply on the wall!

You can find more ideas and living trends in our interior design ideas. In the BRIGITTE Community you can exchange ideas about trends & co.


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