I want a gourmet dessert for the whole family: which dairy products to adopt

It is not always easy to indulge yourself with a healthy and truly delicious dessert. When you want to avoid classic yogurts, the dairy products offered on the market are often disappointing for lovers of taste. To reconcile them with indulgence, Andros creates Andros Gourmand & Végétal, a dessert combining well-being and indulgence, for everyone!

Gluttony, for everyone!

Andros Gourmand & Végétal is a gourmet dessert that can be eaten by everyone. Two gourmet varieties are available to satisfy all tastes: Brassés, with coconut milk and Délices, with almond milk. In total, 10 flavors will delight food lovers: Nature, Sicilian Lemon, Costa Rican Pineapple, Cassis-Raspberry, Roussillon Peach, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Hazelnut or Caramel.

A digestible dessert

Naturally lactose-free and gluten-free, Andros Gourmand & Végétal offers a perfect alternative to the usual yoghurts and dessert creams. Greedy and light at the same time, they are digestible and delicious. For maximum pleasure and well-being!

A 100% vegetable dessert

Vegetarians and vegans, like all those who wish to reduce their consumption of animal products, will love Andros Gourmand & Végétal. They are also certified vegan, by the Label V, a reference label of the European Vegetarian Union, meaning that they are not of animal origin.

A dessert suitable for young and old

Andros Gourmand & Végétal finally participates in a healthy diet and can be consumed by the whole family, children and parents alike. Chocolate addicts like fruit fans! Because gluttony has no age and we all like to end our meal with a little note of sweetness!

The opinion of Emilie H. 31 years old

“I have been testing Andros vegetable milk desserts for a month and I really like the taste of each of the desserts. They are tasty, very fresh and not too sweet. My favorites are the Chocolate dessert and the Sicilian Lemon brew. The fact that these desserts are made from coconut or almond milk gives added value to the product: personally, I try to reduce dairy products of animal origin and these desserts are perfect! I recommend these products to my loved ones and to everyone! “

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