Jasmin Wagner: The singer has grown into a full-blown flower


It is no longer a small flower, but Jasmin Wagner is still known everywhere today under precisely this pseudonym. If you see a picture or a performance of the singer, actress and presenter, it is hard to believe that the native of Hamburg celebrates her 40th birthday on April 20. The flower is brimming with energy and is anything but withered.

It all started with a cover. became a megastar in domestic regions in the 1990s. Wagner is considered the most successful German solo artist of the decade and has sold millions of records. It all started in 1995 when their first song “Herz an Herz” was released – a cover of the NDW title of the same name by the band Paso Doble. The song made it to number four on the German single charts and was the starting signal for a 90s model career. Wagner was only 15 at the time.

In May 1996, Blümchen's first album “Heart Rate” was released, which included “Heart to Heart” and other hits such as “Boomerang” or “You and I”. At this point Wagner was already an integral part of the “Bravo”, the now discontinued music station “Viva” played their songs up and down. Blümchen was awarded several times in the following years, including the “Bravo Otto” in different versions and also twice the “Echo” as “Best National Artist”. The singer recorded five gold records and several top ten hits.

Blümchen also shaped an entire genre in Germany with her music. She didn't have to hide from Rednex (“Cotton Eye Joe”), Mr. President (“Coco Jamboo”) or Haddaway (55, “What Is Love”). If you could currently go to one of the 90s parties so popular in the past few years, you would definitely hear at least one of their songs pumping out of the speakers.

Soon came to an end 40-year-olds quickly translated English versions of their songs, and several albums followed in the years that followed. In 2000, however, the Blümchen project was initially to come to an end. The now grown-up Wagner wanted to explore new ways, such as acting. Previously, she only had a guest appearance on “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”, followed roles in films and series such as “Driven” or “jerks.”, At the theater and in musicals, as well as appearances on TV shows and moderation activities.

Wagner apparently had completely finished with flowers. In 2011, she told the news agency dapd: “In Russia, I was tempted to be offered a lot of money for a flower appearance. But I couldn't, I look disguised in my clothes from back then.” Fortunately, Wagner changed her mind many years later. The flower blossomed again in 2019.

“It was the greatest”

Last year the singer celebrated her comeback as a flower in the sold-out Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen. “It was a single 90s rush. I was full body goosebumps. It was so moving! I had the feeling that a wave of love swept towards me. […] Listening to 60,000 people” heart to heart “was real the greatest thing I was able to experience as an artist on a stage, “enthused Wagner after the performance in an interview with the news agency spot on news. A big tour followed.

She herself hadn't really expected the comeback before: “If someone had asked me three months ago, I would have said no. It somehow only came about three months ago and my best friend was instrumental in it He just didn't let go when I told him about the basic idea. […] I definitely don't want to compete with my old self, but I think we managed to use the charm of the 90s by myself as an artist today to transport the moment. “

Today she is different

” Back then I was a young girl, whose world suddenly changed overnight, “Wagner continued. “Of course, I made the decision to sign a record deal or my mother signed for me. Nobody knew what was going to happen to me. Today I make all decisions very consciously – I am a businesswoman and completely responsible.”

A few months later a kind of girl’s dream for flowers would come true. With “Summer Go Away” she recorded a duet with cult singer and actor David Hasselhoff (67, “Looking for Freedom”). “Everyone in my generation raved about David Hasselhoff. I was really excited when I knocked on his wardrobe,” Wagner recalled in an interview with spot on news in summer 2019. “But I knew that I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get to know him. He is so personable and charismatic, just cool!”

What would Blümchen do about her birthday?

“I like to remember very much Back to the 90s because my youth was really beautiful and unique. The music opened up incredible opportunities for me and contributed a lot to my happy youth, “said Blümchen at the time. Therefore it is quite possible that the birthday is celebrated in the 90s style. Perhaps Wagner is looking in the mirror this morning and is dressing something special. Maybe she is dancing on the street and laughing in the face of the passers-by. At least she should do that if she stayed true to her hit “Today is my day”.


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