Old beauty trends that are suddenly cool again


Crepe Hair

We used to spend hours creping hair (thank you, mom!). And yes, it looked pretty cool back then. Today we are wearing the trend again – but a little modified. The waves are no longer miniature, but rather have an S shape.

Nevertheless, the tools for this strongly remind us of our beloved crepe iron (if you still have one, you can of course still use it, creped hair in a braid is super cool!). You can also create the crepe look with a flat iron. If the straightener always rotates 90 degrees in the other direction when pulling through, the S-wave is created.

Blue eyeshadow

In the 90s we were all wearing blue eyeshadows – and thought it was sooo cool. Today the color is back in fashion, but most don't really dare to. It doesn't always have to be a super colorful look, a blue eyeshadow (also in pastel) or a colored eyeliner is enough. It can look so pretty, especially in summer. You want to know exactly how you make up the trend? No problem: blue eyeshadow.

Wrong braids

It's hard to believe, but at least since we know that singer Ariana Grande's XXL signature braid is not real, false hair pieces are somehow totally hip again. Rightly! After all, we can conjure up a mega mane with just a few simple steps. Not every hair is thick and long enough to tie a full braid. We have to help each other somehow, right ?! We guarantee that you will get a lot of compliments for the hair piece – provided the color matches your hair so well that it looks real. You can get such hairpieces from Rapunzel of Sweden, for example.

Face Jewels

It used to be totally cool to stick small rhinestones, asterisks, etc. to your temples and eyes. And that's exactly what we're doing now – at least at parties and festivals. Logically, the trend may not be wearable in everyday life, but you can spice up your look super easily. Also: A little bit of fun is required – and what is more fun than Gitzer stones?


Apropros glitter. If you don't want to stick the stones in your weight, just wear it on your eyes. Coarse glitter eyeshadows with really big glitter particles are so hot again. Even in everyday life. In the meantime, you are no longer looked at obliquely if you wear more than mascara – and that's a good thing. Because this summer we're taking out the glitter eyeshadows. Incidentally, these are often available in creamy formulations, so they are super easy to apply with your finger.

As in fashion, the trends in the beauty world always come back at some point. If you still have “old” things lying around in the drawer, then you should always make sure that cosmetic products are not too old and that electrical appliances do not damage your hair because the technology may be out of date. Safety first!


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