Reading tips: With these free books through isolation

Boredom in isolation at home? Is there nothing exciting about the TV program? It is high time to have a good book on hand again. A wide range of free copies can be found online. From novels to crime novels to children’s books, there is something for everyone.

Catherine Ryan Hyde: “Days of Hope” (2018)

Best-selling author Catherine Ryan Hyde (65) tells of a widow in her novel “Days of Hope” Bea, who financially makes ends meet until she falls victim to fraud and loses everything overnight.

Noa C. Walker: “The Scent of Carnations” (2016)

Life von Sandra changes suddenly when her husband and two children die in a plane crash. The family had lived an apparently perfect life. Years later, Sandra discovers that not everything was as perfect as it seemed. Did the husband of the joint company cheat us? In Noa C. Walker’s “The Scent of Carnations” Sandra goes in search of the truth.

Ingo Siegner: “The little dragon coconut among the dinosaurs” (2013)

With this children’s book from the series “Die Adventures of the little coconut dragon “children can spend the time in isolation in the best way. The story “The little dragon coconut among the dinosaurs” by Ingo Siegner tells of the eating dragon Oskar, who absolutely wants to travel to the Cretaceous period and meet a real Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Margit Auer: “The school of magical animals” (2013) [19659003] “The School of Magical Animals” is a popular children’s book series. The first volume is available online free of charge: Ida is not comfortable in her new school. But then her teacher tells her about a magical pet shop from which Ida receives the helpful fox Sabbath.

Dima Zales: “The Mind Reader” (2015)

The American bestselling author Dima Zales tells the exciting story of the Harvard graduate and Hedge fund manager Darren who can read minds. So far he thought he was the only one with this ability, but he is wrong, as he soon finds out in “The Mind Readers”.

Edgar Allan Poe: “The double murder in the Rue Morgue: an early crime novella” (1841)

Dupin, the first detective in literary history, investigates the inexplicable deaths of two women in Paris in Edgar Allan Poe’s crime novella “The Double Murder on Rue Morgue”. Both were brutally murdered in an empty house – the case seems unsolvable.

Daniel Defoe: “Robinson Crusoe” (1719)

Reading this classic you can probably feel more at the moment than ever before: Daniel Defoe tells in “Robinson Crusoe “the story of a sailor who spent 28 years alone on a lonely island as a shipwreck.

Hans Christian Andersen:” fairy tales “

Those who are fed up with bad news should stick their noses in Hans Christian Andersen’s” fairy tales ” . The collection of several fairytale stories is not only recommended for children, but also for adults.

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