Richy Müller and Felix Klare: They are “a little proud” of their “crime scene” anniversary

The “crime scene: you alone” (May 24, 8:15 p.m., the first) is the 25th case, which Stuttgart commissioners Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare, 41) and Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller, 64) have to solve. Of course, the actors are also glad that they have been so successful and popular for so long – since 2008. Is there an end in sight?

“Synonym for Anniversaries”

“25 is an impressive number and also a synonym for Anniversaries. Having made such a successful one is very gratifying. For the next 25”, says Mannheim-born Richy Müller. “25 films with Lannert & Bootz, 25 criminals made clear, 25 times Richy & and Felix – yes, I’m a little proud of it,” admits Felix Klare, a native of Heidelberg. It was always fun to realize these stories with all of my colleagues, “thanks to everyone, in front of, behind and next to the camera,” the two are quoted by the SWR.

Müller but Klare is also clear about the anniversary event excited: The result was very successful, he says. “Above all, the film has an atmosphere that I didn’t feel when reading and even playing. It’s great.” And also, in terms of content, it is a case to his taste. “For me, the theme of love is particularly noteworthy, which is rarely mentioned in the ‘crime scene’ – I hope for more!”

So there can be no question of quitting even after twelve years. “On the whole, I also hope that we will present to you at least 25 more exciting ‘crime scenes’ from Stuttgart. In this spirit, Basti Bootz will continue to be by your side,” said Klare, gratifying promise.

Farewell to Álvarez [19659007] Farewell says actress Carolina Vera (47) as prosecutor Emilia Álvarez. She was also on board from the very first thriller and gave her farewell performance with it. “We thank Carolina Vera for the more than 20 films in which she was present as public prosecutor Álvarez in the ‘crime scene’ from Stuttgart,” said SWR television film director Barbara Biermann. “In her role as a public prosecutor, Carolina Vera was a unique figure in the ‘crime scene’ landscape.”

What is the “crime scene: you alone” about?

“1” – there is nothing more in the letter than that “Investigators in today’s murder case” is addressed. What could be considered a joke will soon become a hard reality for Lannert and Bootz. Because the same morning, a woman is shot on the open road. A well-aimed long-range shot, obviously from an accomplished shooter; A “1” is engraved on the cartridge case … There is no more evidence, and the investigators suspect evil.

A second letter contains a claim for money: Three million. Otherwise, the double murder follows, somewhere else in the city. The transfer of funds is cleverly threaded, but the commissioners are also preparing carefully. Nevertheless, the perpetrator cannot be caught, and the second murder cannot be prevented. This increases the police and prosecutors’ pressure to find the perpetrator before the anonymous threat causes panic. At least there is the first success when not only one cartridge case at the second crime scene.

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