Spending money: why it makes sense now

It was my dog ​​sitter’s WhatsApp that recently made me incredibly angry. She wrote to all of her customers that she would continue to work with various security measures that she sent to us despite Corona. So far, so good. But then I read the following paragraph at the end of the message: “Anyone who suspends childcare for the next four weeks should be aware that this period is life-threatening for my small business. Please consider whether not at least a day or two. Dog care is possible for me. ”

Looking outside the box

What made me so angry? I could not believe that in our relatively well-heeled part of the city, where we can at least afford to have our dogs looked after during the day while in the office or elsewhere, there were people who acted in this way. [19659004] Of course, my very first thought was: Home office indefinitely? Great, then I can save myself the dog care! But before this thought was diffused entirely through my brain, I was ashamed of it. It was clear to me that this would be the most unsolidarity that I could do because, of course, it would break my dog ​​sitter’s neck financially if several people thought so. And then I had to read a few days later that several people thought so.

Help instead of false avarice

I would not call myself particularly socially committed. Still, I go through life with the attitude that people like me who have a steady job and no big financial worries shouldn’t be the first to keep their money together unnecessarily. And that applies even more in this crisis.

My cleaning lady was the next case. Of course, it would have been easy to cancel her to avoid any contact, but I fear that she is very dependent on the money. So I left the house before she came and let her do her job. The next step would be to pay her the money at least without cleaning – as my colleague Daniela does in her honorable manner. And she is not the only one; I know that.

Perfectionism: Backgrounds and Tips To Achieve It

As long as you can, you should spend money now.

I think as long as you can, and you are not threatened in your existence, you should spend money now. Should support the people, the restaurants, the shops that otherwise make life more beautiful. Or even possible in the first place – like my dog ​​sitter.

I recently sat with a friend – in the garden with enough space, of course – and we talked about different feelings that this time triggers in us. She said that the beautiful thing is this waiver of consumption! You couldn’t buy anything, but you wouldn’t need anything because you only go out so little. I went through the online orders in my head that I hadn’t made too small in the past few days and said: “Stop completely wrong thought! Now you have to buy it!” Online, if necessary. I know you shouldn’t, usually. Clear. But honestly: Where is that supposed to lead if we no longer spend money? (PS: Of course, the DHL courier always tips from me!)

I’m not a prominent activist, but I should get the idea to start a campaign soon because it might get too boring in my home office, then her name would be: Shopping against Corona.

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