Til Schweiger: Sorry to Drosten and Lauterbach


Til Schweiger (56, “Kokowääh”) rowed back. The actor and director sent an apology to the virologist Christian Drosten (48) and the SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach (57) on Wednesday evening via Instagram. In an “emotional overreaction”, he had previously been sent to a post that gave the impression of “relativizing death threats against people in public,” Schweiger writes. In the meantime, he has deleted what he says is “thoughtless”, “inappropriate” and “redundant” post. This was a mistake.

“I always told my children that making mistakes is human, but you have to recognize your mistakes and be able to sincerely apologize for them,” the filmmaker continues . He wanted to let Lauterbach and Drosten, who had previously received threatening letters and death threats from unknown persons, know that he “regretted his mistake wholeheartedly”.


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