Vegetable milk: which one to choose?

Want to change your habits and consume plant-based drinks ? We will explain to you how to choose them well so as not to be mistaken.

What is vegetable milk?

Almond, oat or coconut, the shelves of our stores give pride of place to products from nature. Mixture of water and cereals (rice, spelled, oats…) or crushed dried fruits of the oilseed family such as hazelnuts, almonds, coconut, vegetable drinks sometimes support an addition of sugar…

At [NA!], We want to keep all the benefits of vegetable drinks. Without sugars or with a hint of vanilla or honey, the vegetable drinks of the brand [NA!] Offer a real gourmet and healthy alternative to milk of animal origin. Because unlike cow’s milk, these vegetable drinks do not contain lactose. They can therefore be consumed by any intolerant person, without fear of digestive disorders.

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Our advice for choosing the right vegetable drink

To choose the vegetable drink best suited to your needs, it is important to look carefully at its composition. Pay particular attention to the sugar level of these products: indeed, some brands sometimes use added sugars (sucrose, saccharose, fructose …) that you can largely avoid. Also pay attention to the list of ingredients. The shorter and easier to understand, the better the product! So drop all products with preservatives and / or additives (dye, benzoates, texturizer, etc.).

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Finally, the peculiarity of vegetable drinks [NA!] Is that they are found… in the fresh section! Thanks to flash pasteurization technology, the brand can guarantee optimal quality of these products and the preservation of all associated benefits.

Our advice: therefore favor vegetable drinks from the [NA!] Brand. With their small list of ingredients – closer to home-made, one of the lowest sugar levels on the market and respect for product quality thanks to flash pasteurization, they have everything to please!

What are the different kinds of vegetable drinks?

There are many plant alternatives. To you to discover them !

Soy drink
With its neutral taste, soy drink is often used to replace cow’s milk in dishes or desserts. Rich in vegetable proteins, it is ideal for vegetarian or vegan diets. It also exists in flavored version: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla…

Almond milk
Ultra-digestible, almond milk replaces animal milks as much in breakfast cereals as in savory and sweet culinary preparations. Very sweet, the version with a hint of honey from [NA!] Even appeals to children! Be aware, however, that vegetable drinks are not intended to replace milk in younger children, including the calcium recommendation.

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Cashew milk An
original and very creamy recipe, the vegetable drink Douceur Cajou [NA!] Is a delight for the taste buds. Its great advantage? Having found the right taste balance between its 6 ingredients! You can discover it in the Sweetness range from [NA!] With its little vanilla taste in addition, it turns into real delicacy for very soft mornings …

Oat milk
The vegetable oat drink is a real energy booster! It can be enjoyed as much as a smoothie as a porridge at breakfast time. His little extra? It is rich in beta-glucans, good for the heart!

Coconut milk
Ultra gourmet, coconut milk is undoubtedly the star of exotic dishes and desserts rich in flavor. The sugar-free drink from [NA!] Is particularly recommended for athletes, but not only!

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