Washing machine stinks? Simply remove the smell

Why does the washing machine stink?

A musty smell from the washing machine is usually transferred to the washed laundry. Since nobody likes musty clothes, we have to do something about the stink. But where does the smell actually come from?

  • If the washing machine stinks, the rubber seal can be the reason. Hair, residual water, and detergent residues often collect on the rubber seal. The heat creates bacteria and mold in the machine – and therefore, musty smells.
  • Also, in the drum and the hoses, animal hair, lint, and detergent remnants get stuck in the fluff filter. Bacteria also accumulate here, and mold can develop. The result: the washing machine and the laundry stink in it – no further washing helps here.
  • Due to a too low washing temperature or generally due to infrequent boil washing, we do not clean the laundry correctly, but germs remain in the drum. The result is a musty smell. Do you know how many degrees you should wash your towels? You can find out here: wash towels.
  • The detergent drawer can also be the reason for a musty smell. Residues of detergent create bacteria in the detergent drawer or by residues of fabric softener in the fabric softener compartment.

Washing machine stinks: How can I prevent the smell?

  • Clean detergent drawer: After each wash cycle, the washing machine’s door and the detergent drawer should be left open so that the residual moisture can evaporate. Even better: dry the door seals and residual water with a rag.
  • Cotton: If you haven’t switched on pottery for a long time, you should occasionally switch on an empty washing machine at 90 degrees or in the cooking program. Bacteria don’t stand a chance.
  • Clean the fluff filter: Clean the fluff filter regularly and dry it thoroughly.
  • Descale the washing machine: At all points that come into contact with water, limescale can appear – even in washing machines. That is why regular descaling is essential. A useful home remedy is a vinegar, for example. This also kills germs and bacteria. By the way, vinegar also helps when cleaning tiles and descaling.
  • Check drain pump: The drain pump should be checked regularly. If the pump leaks and water accumulates on the floor unnoticed, odors are inevitable.

Washing machine stinks: What can I do about the smell?

If preventive measures are disregarded for a while, the washing machine smells. But don’t panic: In the video above, you can see a trick you can use to remedy the problem quickly. Were you looking for more household tips? We reveal how you can remove deodorant stains and have suggestions against unpleasant smells, for example, if the refrigerator stinks or the dishwasher stinks.

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