Which bangs fit my face?


Which pony suits me?

Choosing the pony shape is not just about hairstyle trends. It's all about finding the perfect bangs for your face shape and hair type. If you have wavy hair and a high forehead, you should choose a different bangs than someone who has very thick, straight hair and a round face shape. Bangs and facial proportions have to fit together. It is important to first make an analysis of the shape of the face and then to decide whether a bangs fits these contours. And above all, which one.

Our test “Which face shape do I have?” Helps you to determine your face shape. And if you are looking for inspiration, you are guaranteed to find a lot in our photo gallery “Hairstyles with bangs” and “Bob with bangs”.

Bangs for a round face

In order to visually stretch round faces, they are particularly suitable Bangs with side parting that let the forehead flash through. The bangs can be quietly stepped to the side and transferred to the side hair. A short bangs can stretch the face a bit. Frayed ponies or slightly wavy ones also take away the fullness of the face. You should avoid a very round cut bangs, because such a Mireille Mathieu cut emphasizes the round face shape even more. Here we have even more hairstyles for a round face.

Pony hairstyles for a heart-shaped face

Round ponies are ideal for the heart-shaped face. So a cut that is exactly opposite to the facial lines – in the middle of the forehead the bangs should be the shortest and gently graded down to the length of the chin.

If you are looking for even more hairstyles for heart-shaped faces, you can find inspiration in our photo gallery.

Bangs for a square face

A bangs can give the square, striking face something soft. Hairstyles where the bangs are a little longer are particularly suitable for this – for example, the trendy XL bangs. If the cheekbones are also strong, the pony can even be stepped up to the chin or extend a little further. Looking for more hairstyles for angular faces? We have great ideas.

Bangs for an oval face

With an oval face shape you can wear any bangs. Classic straight lines look just as good as asymmetrical or fringed ponies. Whether the pony à la Heidi Klum almost reaches the eyes or just falls on the forehead depends on your hair structure. If you cut curls so short, they curl all the more, of course. An XL pony would weigh them down. It is best to have less cut off to try it out – after all, getting cut again is always possible. Here you will find even more hairstyles for oval faces.

Ponies with curly hair

Curly hair also has a bangs, but the look is completely different from the XL-Sleek variant. If you don't like the wave variant and want to style your pony smooth with straightening irons every day, you have to be aware of the effort and make friends with imperfect results – after all, there are natural enemies such as rain and wind that quickly destroy the styling work . The oblique XXL bangs are a great option for curly hair, it leaves room for the waves and the pony section does not curl as much towards the hairline. If you are looking for hairstyles for curls, we have more than 170 looks for you in our gallery!

Ponies for thick hair

In order for thick hair to not look too voluminous on the forehead, the bangs have to bring them into the right shape. It should not be set too high on the top of the head, just a few hairs on the front of the forehead are enough to cover the forehead with the bangs. You can also find hairstyles for thick hair in our ideas gallery.

Ponies for thin hair

A bangs is not always the ideal hairstyle for fine hair, because it makes the side sections look even narrower. If you still want to wear it, you should consider these principles:

Fine hair can even benefit from a bangs if it is set relatively far back and falls forward tightly and voluminously. However, thin hair should not wear a very long bangs that fall into the eyes, because then the hair on the forehead looks just too filigree and unfortunately often a bit stringy. If the bangs end in the middle of the forehead, this is ideal for thin hair. It should not be frayed either, but cut straight. You can find styling and hairstyles for fine hair in our photo gallery.

Who likes the long bangs?

The extra-long bangs can be worn by straight and curly hair and can range from the eyebrow to the cheekbones – in a straight cut, graded , fringed and diagonally cut variant. This hairstyle, in which the strands reach up to the eyebrows, perfectly conceals a high forehead. However, it is not ideal for fine hair and also for angular faces.

Tips for a beautiful bangs

Wavy and curly hair with bangs should use a good hairspray for fixing, because they have the most movement in the hair. If you like, you can put a travel straightener in your handbag.

If you tend to have impure skin, you should blow-dry your bangs with the round brush so that the hair is as little as possible on the skin. A touch of hairspray also helps because it encloses the hair and allows it to absorb less fat. Extra tip: Practical powder sheets (“blotting paper”, available in perfumeries or in the drugstore) absorb excess fat from the forehead and thus help to keep the pony as fat-free as possible.

There is no time to wash, you can refresh your pony with dry shampoo a little . Grabs your strands as little as possible, otherwise the pony gets out of shape and can be hung quickly.

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